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This page is all about the blog. What does The Disability Issue have to offer?

Well, do you want to overcome the social obstacles disabled people deal with every day? And do you like the idea of experiencing or expressing more disability arts in your life? Well, you’re certainly not alone, because disabled people are so often pushed away by society. It’s no surprise that people find these issues frustrating. There’s no doubt that you are no less of a person than an able-bodied person. One other fact to remember is there’s nothing truly wrong with you either.

The decision of others to ignore us is extremely ignorant. Disabled people can be very talented, as all people are born with strengths they can use to their advantage. We may have medical flaws that sometimes stand out, but we all learn to live with our conditions, and I believe that gives us an immediate advantage over non-disabled people.

We’ve learned how to stay strong through troubling times before. Although shielding is required for some disabled people, if difficult times affect all individuals, I still believe those who haven’t dealt with social isolation will find them a lot more stressful than we will.

It’s time to focus on disability arts

And that’s why disability arts must appear! Disability arts help us express our artistic selves. If we wish to, we can use our arts to make political statements about issues occurring whenever we wish. We’ve already done a decent job ever since the pandemic’s outbreak began. However, we can continue to build our networks and gain many other people’s attention as time moves on.

Even if you are not such an artistic person, you probably have an interest in the arts. It could be visual artwork, photography, film, music, theatre, dance and other work that you’re interested in. Right now, it’s still being planned or even exploited at the moment. Keep an eye on what’s happening, because what we experience in this field is positive, keeping us strong. As well as that, please, do not be shy not pass on to other people you know – even if they are not disabled. Ableism and disablism both need to be ended, so we need all people to be aware of our abilities.

Please, stick around.

So, that’s why The Disability Issue is here. Complaining about our problems makes a bit of an impact, but there are other options too. Disabled people should not dismiss any talents and ideas they have because of who there are. Plus, simply stay as positive as possible – not just during the pandemic, but in the future too. This blog wants to direct others to the greatest creativity that disabled people have to offer. This creativity may be found at Disability Arts Online, Shape Arts, with other disability arts organisations, or with disabled artists independently.

So, please, stick around: observe The Disability Issue blog. Earlier posts were more about offering various information, advice and opinion to disabled people. However, a lot of what has been written since the blog started relates to the arts.

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Please, feel free to subscribe to posts if you’d like to receive updated information about disability arts and culture in the future. If you’re interested in getting involved with The Disability Issue or have any other questions to ask, feel free to contact the blog to find out more.

A song I’ve written and performed live at the start of 2020 speaks about how disabled people really are strong and true. I certainly wasn’t lying, and people there seemed to love the song – so please, don’t forget the truth.

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