Disability arts: a power of disabled people

After spending time in self-isolation, The Disability Issue is now looking to speak more often. Like so many others at the moment, I’ve taken on some new activities over these unusual times. This blog likes to talk about fresh disability arts occurring. Disability arts are positive actions legally performing well. However, at the moment gaining more information about new arts being made isn’t so easy.

Nevertheless, during our brief spell away from speaking so often I’ve gathered artistic endeavours of our own. This blog couldn’t live without words and so I obviously love to write. Although you can’t hear my words spoken out loud when reading this, I’ve began to appreciate poetry more than ever before.

Of course, it is just one art that we have an interest in. Other options are available if it’s not for you. Look at the long list of what “the arts” are:

  • Visual arts include architecture, ceramics, drawing, filmmaking, painting, photography and sculpting
  • Literature includes writing fiction, drama, poetry and prose
  • Performing Arts includes dance, music and theatre

Obviously, not all of these arts are available for access. Making music is something I know a bit about, but making music isn’t so easy right now. If you have instruments at home, you can easily write songs and lyrics if you wish. However, are you looking to release well-recorded versions of new tracks? Well, if you have the home equipment, you can get going. If not, you’ll probably have to wait quite a while for access elsewhere.

The aims of our artwork

There’s one important thing to remember when it comes down to disability arts. So often, the aim of the disabled creator is to make a political statement about disability. Generally, art is made because people are passionate about exploiting their subject of focus. Therefore, the disabled artist’s issues in society are so often the subject to exploit. There’s still so much more that society must learn about disabled people. When used effectively, disability arts is a useful tool to use.

Attempting to artistically spread a political message can be relieving and Ionly recommend it. Writing poetry is possibly the simplest way of sending a message with words that you write. Other people searching for equal rights and dealing with discrimination follow this pathway as well.

Right now, it’s no surprise that more people planning to supply this art online. When a display shows who deserves wellbeing in the UK’s Equal Rights Act 2010, one thing is clear. So much discrimination is currently taking place within our nation.

Although our arts cannot solve the problems we’re putting up with, it will pick up attention. Plus, any person who attempts these tasks will be credited for their actions too.

Being a disability artist

Are you a disabled person who’s spoken out politically about disability in the past? Whether you formed visual arts, wrote literature, or helped to extract performing arts, you’re likely to have evidence of your actions. Keep it by your side. Be proud of your work and share it with others when any opportunity arrives. If it makes a statement about issues for disabled people occurring, then it only makes sense.

If you’re a disabled artist, there are groups you can join too. Most notably right now, We Shall Not Be Removed is a new group for disabled artists. It’s gaining popularity, and aims to maintain the strength of disability arts across and after this pandemic era. They’re searching for as many members as possible to join their group. It’s Monday 8 June 2020, and over 350 people have now joined. However, there’s always room for more, and right now they wish to make our issues widely visible online.

Want to get involved? Head to weshallnotberemoved.com if you want to contact them. Right now, communication can be made via Slack, a lesser known social media website and application, although seeing what appears when you hashtag WeShallNotBeRemoved on Twitter or Instagram isn’t a bad idea either.

The Independent Power of Poetry

As mentioned, I’ve been working on something too. In May’s only post, I wrote one poem named True Just One Table. However, here’s another written poem that speaks out about how we’re searching to build our retreat. Disabled people have so many more abilities than others tend to believe. Right now only seems like the right time to build a brighter future together.

We’re looking for better lives, but our irresponsible leaders are disappointing so many. If that’s something that’s irritating you too, then reading this poem may feel quite elevating. If you wish, you can also download a free PDF version of the poem. It should also be available on our new YouTube channel soon enough too.

Our Magnificent Tower

Let us shape and let us flower

We can make our magnificent tower

Crooks fluently speak sham and do not know what to do

And we are strong people and part of the purest of people

We can work with true people and clean stains by the fake

Some want to sue

But who wants flu?

Bad rash is born from each case

Yet what lies ahead is the place we can plant a bright flag

Is a national divorce the next step that we take?

They are fake, claim to lead but just take

Stuff filthy egos with power

With a drug

The most sour

So, it is our time to rise; we can all surprise them

And take their power away with our magnificent tower that will shame

Written by Joe Stevenson, May 2020

Photos: John Kelly and TheKellycaster & All Photos-1574 by rockinpaddy