Interesting people, interesting answers

Right now, the world of COVID-19 is causing a lot of issues for disabled people. One frustration is it’s far from easy to exchange genuine face-to-face words with others. In fact, because of this, I’ve decided I’m willing to give vlogging on a regular basis a go instead.

So, what will I vlog about? Well, like I said, one-to-one conversations are what disabled people want more of right now. Plus, recently, no doubt has arrived in my mind that prove interesting disabled people have earn strong followings on Twitter. I’ve become more interested in befriending people since coronavirus began to bother us all. I try to keep myself involved, but boldest self isn’t always too easy. However, other individuals I’ve come across do so, so naturally.

Trustworthy and talented people

Obviously, people who speak their mind aren’t always those we want to hear from. We often don’t like what people choose to say on Twitter. But that’s a sacrifice those who speak honestly and eagerly have to make. There’s no doubt that it’s impossible to get along with everyone.

The disabled people I agree with on Twitter are the people I talk to. They often speak out fearlessly about how they feel about disability rights. They speak about how we deserve much more respect. Quite frankly, these people inspire me! If you want to harvest more followers on Twitter, you should simply be yourself. I’m working hard at it, and I am improving.

Anyway, I have now completed one tester session of my vlog. This first one only involves me speaking with myself: questions I ask myself that I answer. However, I should soon have my first collaboration up and running with another Zoom meeting scheduled soon. A more interesting interaction will be released in a few days on YouTube for viewing.

Here’s the link for The Disability Issue’s YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy it.