Interviews with Disabled Artists: One Shorter but Superior Example

Before I begin my journey to smoothly get The Disability Issue up and running with interesting weekly posts, here is an excellent example of an interview with a talented disabled artist. As a female visual artwork creator, I feel honoured to give you information about her.

The truth is that we have only exchanged a few facts regarding her work and lifestyle via email. However, I believe it’d be so wrong of me to not tell you about everything I’ve learnt. She so recently started to progress, and that’s one fact that impresses me most. Many others have understandably praised the work that she’s completed. It’s been bought at art exhibitions, has raised money for charity, and more recently has led to online sales.

And the most significant fact regards whose mind has created this primarily abstract art of quality. Her career pathways could still lead in other directions – because she’s still so young. Right now, though, she seems very committed to the arts. Ella Evenson has provided the work on show in this post. Active in London, Ella is only 11 years old and lives with Mosaic-Down Syndrome.

Stay to Learn a Little More

This interview may not have the same layout as they will do in the future. I’m planning to write those as if I’m speaking to people in more of a “one-to-one” style. Although that’s not possible this time around, don’t worry – this isn’t a long and complicated read. So, please, stay and learn a little more. The facts Ella has told me about herself are all essential to know.

Ella’s artistic journey began when she started painting back in the summer holidays of 2019. It’s not even been two years since her artistic endeavours first began. That alone begins to confirm she has extraordinary abilities that she’s choosing to spread.

One thing I’m so grateful for is the images Ella sent to me. She’s happy for me to show others the kind of creativity she has to offer. After looking through her work, I’m excited because her horizons look as if they’re expanding too. Although visual arts are what she continues to focus on, there are various ways they’re being displayed. She began by painting pictures alone, but people will be happy to know there are more ways to purchase her art if it currently attracts them.

The pandemic is causing people problems, but it hasn’t stopped Ella from constructing her online store. Known as Ella Colourful Creations, it does show she’s made use of the free time she’s had available. Along with her prints, it’s now possible to buy cards and pendants on her website too.

Are artistic bracelets coming next?I may have seen some photographs on Facebook but only wish to add no pressure. Let’s wait and see.

How She Masters Her Talent

Ella made clear that being creative is what she loves more than anything. When she develops her work, it couldn’t be more evident that her imagination branches out. Her work involves using paintbrushes, sponges, toothbrushes, straws, plastic cards, and anything else accessible at home. Along with these tools, her much-loved preference that provides her colours are alcohol inks.

People must indeed believe Ella has mastered a great talent. She thoroughly enjoyed experiencing her first art exhibition; it took place shortly before the pandemic began in February 2020. Plus, one significant positivity Ella has exploited relates to how she’s used her money made. To start with, she sold paintings and prints to raise funds for World Down Syndrome Day. After enjoying the process, she once again raised money for charity to help deal with Australian Bushfires.

Excellent work is available

Are you impressed by what you’ve heard? Well, trust me, you are not alone. As mentioned, Ella now has her website Ella Colourful Creations, available. If you want to see what it offers, her products are available to buy online. She told me she loves wrapping and posting what she designs to her loving customers. Do you want to be one of those people?

Plus, are you keen to learn more about Ella? Admittedly, she’s a little too young to be interviewed in-depth like more senior, professional artists. But please – give her time! You can keep a keen eye on her work by checking back on her website. Plus, the option of heading to the Disability Art Facebook public group is available too. Her mother, Rou, is regularly happy to provide examples of Ella’s new work there.

Don’t forget, you can also keep an eye on The Disability Issue’s Facebook page and website if you’re interested in this kind of creativity. Whenever Ella provides her excellent work, we’ll undoubtedly consider introducing it ourselves.

As you should know, The Disability Issue aims to prove to people that they can still access disability arts during the pandemic. Right now, Miss Evenson is an artist doing just that. She’s setting an excellent example for all of us! By providing such positive work, there are so many reasons to wish Ella all the best. We’ll certainly want to speak with her again in the future.