Really dealing with disability

This post is short and simple enough to understand. But it’s an important one I’ve been wondering about for a quite a while now. If going to get other people to shout out about disability, I need to gather more effort and speak up a lot louder too.

So, why do I want to shout out?

  • As mentioned, we need to speak up louder. Getting our messages across is currently a challenging task to persuade disabled people to do. Communicating with other disabled people isn’t easy at the moment, but it’s never been easy. However, it’s not impossible to influence some, and I have ideas about how we can do it.
  • We need to work with some non-disabled people. Don’t worry; we’ll be the primary characters playing our job roles. But there are non-disabled people I know and respect who could give us a useful helping hand. And, all-in-all, I’m searching for equality. I support the LGBTQIA+ community. I support people who have other ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs to myself. Although people holding power more typically turn to avoid us, I’m sure a fair few non-disabled people will support us as well.
  • We need to create a platform. A big project I spoke about last time! An organisation that becomes a famous headquarters for disabled people will keep us at our highest prime; a primary location where we can deal with our issues. We can group up to get our points across to our government.
  • We need to collaborate. We need to start working and befriending others, both disabled and non-disabled when the opportunity arrives. Speaking with disabled people is a lot easier at the moment. It’s going happen a lot more if you choose to be more assertive. I’ve shied away from talking openly about my opinions in the past, but I just need to be more confident and make comments that I do believe could bring on better times for disabled people. The more people who do this, the better.
  • We need to stay as positive as possible. Life might be difficult, but it’s difficult for so many people at the moment. Let’s show others our strengths. If we talk to others about our most positive aspects, we can construct ideas about how we can combine our lives to build something better.

My nerves will be biting back at me, but I’ll push myself to take action. I’d be ashamed to run away from this. It only feels right to push myself into unknown territory. After that, I’ll only wait and see how others react as I involve myself more in our issues as time continues.