There’s little new music, but keep speakers loud

Starting to miss your social life? Yeah, disabled people do that a lot. Right now, even non-disabled people are having to manage a lonelier lifestyle. However, in the past, it’s obviously happened many times before. I’ve even written songs about the isolation from society that I’ve often had to handle.

Recently, I’ve mentioned in posts that I performed my first live solo performance on 23 January. That night, listeners only seemed to enjoy sounds made at the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People’s AGM. Afterwards, I received praise for my performance, and that led to other ideas acquiring my mind. I’ve continued to wonder what else I can offer; I couldn’t help but be a little creative as well.

New tunes due in Hulme

After gaining contact details from Drake Music, I was happy to receive a response from Z-Arts in Manchester. At their arts centre in Hulme, studio space exists that Drake Music have worked in before. Studio worker Jack has confirmed he’ll be happy to help me record some songs in the future. However, right now COVID-19 is obviously the issue that’s stalling any time that’ll be spent in their studio.

After those songs are recorded, I’ll want many people to listen to my song’s lyrics and receive the messages they send. More than anyone, I’m hoping my songs can be heard by other disabled musicians. After listening to simple tracks involving only vocals and guitar chords, adding new ideas becomes compulsory. Remixing is a must-do, and our fresh songs must notably be made by disabled musicians.

If these songs are special, they’ll appeal to a lot of individuals who enjoy what’ll probably mainly be an electronic sound. Songs that speak aloud about disability rights haven’t been so popular in the past. But I do know a few people in the music industry. If they’re catchy and critically acclaimed, it only seems like one reasonable way for attention to be gained.

“Strong and True”

Right now, I can’t offer you well recorded tracks from a studio. But one smartphone video recording was made of the single song I played live two months ago. It only catches what I was singing and strumming from the second verse onwards. What you can watch isn’t great quality. However, it gives you an idea of how my voice sounds and is just one of several songs I’ve constructed as well.

“Strong and True” played live at the GMCDP’s annual general meeting, January 2020.

Want to play it too? Add some riffs if you want.

Because of this, I don’t see why I shouldn’t share a little more information with you. The lyrics and chords I was playing on my 12-string guitar are shown below. If you want to sing about how people don’t know enough about disability, then why not try it out? Or, if you just want to sing about how isolation is driving you (and many others) crazy, then why not learn it too?

‘Strong and True’ is a song about how disabled people are consistently neglected by society. It’s about how we need to create something new to let others know who we truly are. We’ve gained a lot strength after living in difficult times, and we’re often worthy and more intelligent than others believe. There’s so much for others to learn about us, and they won’t regret their actions once they choose to accept us for who we are.