True talent that talks

Around two weeks ago, I released a poem named “Power of the Assiduous”. It only aims to advise people to stay positive during this difficult lockdown era. It also involves thanking the NHS and other social workers for their outstanding engagements during this difficult period.  

The poem written was critically acclaimed by my stepbrother, Liam, who happens to be a high school English teacher. He recently spoke with other staff at his school via video too who also praised my work. I was flattered! Liam said he’s also planning to discuss the poem written when standard teaching continues in the next academic year.

Right now, learning more about writing poetry isn’t a bad idea. Although the poem for written for courageous members of society rhymed, that’s not necessary. Admittedly, the Disability Issue is going through a bit of a dry patch at the moment. However, here is a poem written I’ve written for my blog post readers alone. There are tricks to make poems memorable. It’s favourable to focus on starting with a terrific title, first line, and include a clear theme and topic that works with people too.

If you search online, there’s enough advice to help start you writing powerful poetry. If you’re a person who currently feels isolated, then writing and publishing your poems could be for you. Seclusion has harassed us all so much, and it’s one way to effectively establish your points of view more easily at the moment.

A New Poem: “True Just One Table”

Here is the poem for The Disability Issue. It talks about how I believe disabled people can simply gain a lot more success with the use of collaboration.

You can also click here download a PDF version of the poem for free.

“True Just One Table”

Collaboration impregnation arose some time ago

Working so hard always are secluded foundations

The real disabled make stable a true just one table

Although so small, the one table has character

It can speak

It can shout

It works to rout

But the outs simply struggle to be heard by the neutral

We sit in a safari where glances fixate on the desert

They discern lions who roar and giraffes with reach

Will they notice one small table for long?

Yet, if our foundations are filled firm let us maintain our main base

Grow legs

Gain height

Grab attention

Frame fight

The great sight will overcome what others only expect to observe

As we display justly exposures using growth and unforeseen talents for all