Welcome to The Disability Issue

Take a look in the menu above. You’ll notice that I’ve already written a page that’s all about this new blog. However, before I pressed this website’s publish button, it only felt right to say something else to my readers. This blog’s all about intervention, and I want people to be aware of what I’m firmly looking to found.

I decided to end my former blog The Epileptic Man around two months ago. It offered information, advice and opinion to people about epilepsy and disability. But, after my writing abilities were amended, it was time to sail from the past and call it a day. People appreciated my writing, but before memory-jolting made its way in April my grammar just wasn’t good enough.

New beginnings

However, I’ve now put out plans to speak to others with a louder voice than ever before. Some similarities won’t wander elsewhere; I’ll still be offering information, advice and opinion to disabled people. However, I know there are many different disabilities we all have. We all have different barriers bombarding us too. But the main topic I’m looking to tackle is simple enough: we need to gain much more respect in society.

Disabled people make up around 20% of the UK’s population. Health must be managed better in a few other countries: globally this percentage lowers to around 15%. But, on planet Earth, that still means so many of us are flavoured with the flaw. Around one billion people in total.

Although some people are making their efforts, can you see any superior figures standing up to save the day? There are a lot of issues occurring all the time for the disabled community. But the issues we deal with have continued for much too long. We need to start thinking outside the box. So, if nobody else is willing to stand, I’ve got some ideas of my own I want to start sharing.

If you read about my ideas, and you don’t like what I’m saying, then say something. Tell me why you don’t like it and tell other people as well. If you’re a disabled person with a better idea, then don’t shy away. Say something: get involved so we can get the problem solved.

I guarantee you won’t regret it.