What is ableism?

Ableism really isn’t so complicated. I say we start using the phrase more often than “disability discrimination”. Individuals can be ableist in a variety of ways too. We all just need to learn a little more about it as soon as possible.

#WeShallNotBeRemoved and #EndAbleism are trending hashtags (I’ve published this 17 June 2020) on Twitter. Disability artists are putting in effort to showcase their work for important reasons right now. As mentioned before, Disability Arts may well work as a powerful tool if we choose to use it. It’s also something that must survive through and after this pandemic crisis.

Disability arts gives political points directions. It speaks about how disabled people must be more accepted in society. So here is a simple description of ableism:

“discrimination in favour of able-bodied people”

Easy to understand, right? So please, whether you’re disabled or not, remember what ableism is. Ableism takes place a lot more than others believe, and a lot more than it should as well.